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IDA-STEP sold to DCT

In 2019 LKSoftWare GmbH sold IDA-STEP to DCT Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China. From 2020 on IDA-STEP will only be available from DCT. The free version of IDA-STEP will continue to exist.

Version 4.6 released

Main focus for the 4.6. release are many small improvements around 3D model handling and GD&T editing such as antialising, free text annotations, sections, For the full list of improvements see IDA-STEP v4.6.

STEP AP242 "Managed Model Based 3D Engineering"

With the new version 4.5 IDA-STEP is now supporting the new STEP Application Protocol AP242 Managed Model Based 3D Engineering. AP242 is an upward compatible merger of AP203 and AP214. Once AP242 is finally approved the intention is to withdraw its ancestors AP203 and AP214. Currently AP242 is in the Committee Draft (CD) stage. Testing of data exchange between various CAD-Systems has already started within the CAX-IF.

Significant enhancements for GD&T Editing

The release of IDA-STEP v4.4.2 contains many enhancements for editing of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) directly on a given 3D model.

Release of the new IDA-STEP GD&T Editor

The GD&T Editor allows users to create and edit annotated 3D solid models, eliminating the need for 2D drawings.  This is a huge leap forward, increasing quality and reducing the time needed to encode GD&T requirements. GD&T created by the IDA-STEP™ GD&T Editor is fully-associative; the specifications are visually and logically related to the features they control.

Significant performance increase

The new maintenance release v 4.3.4 of IDA-STEP includes a new, considerably faster 3D visualization engine for all components. Instead of the formerly used Java3D API the new version uses a direct low level OpenGL interface (LWJGL), which results in much less memory consumption. For complex designs memory use decreased up to one tenth (1/10). In addition styling capabilities and others were further improved. 

Changelog v 4.3.x

IDA-STEP 4.3.2 release

With this release IDA-STEP is making another big step towards ASME Y14.41 & ISO 16792 on "Technical product documentation - Digital product definition data practices". First converters for major mechanical CAD-systems are becoming

Inspection of geometric details and GD&T annotations

3D Model with GD&T annotations

With the release of version 4.3 IDA-STEP is entering the area of Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) on the basis of ASME Y14.41 & ISO 16792 "Technical product documentation - Digital product definition data practices". Several vendors of

IDA-STEP project report

The final report of the IDA-STEP project is available. More information here.