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Release of the new IDA-STEP GD&T Editor
The GD&T Editor allows users to create and edit annotated 3D solid models, eliminating the need for 2D drawings.  This is a huge leap forward, increasing quality and reducing the time needed to encode GD&T requirements. GD&T created by the IDA-STEP™ GD&T Editor is fully-associative; the specifications are visually and logically related to the features they control.

By working with neutral STEP data, LKSoft’s GD&T Editor allows annotated 3D models to be edited and viewed without the restrictions of proprietary CAD formats.  The GD&T Editor is the first tool to take full advantage of the semantic meaning of GD&T based on ISO and ASME GD&T standards, which facilitates using the data for automated manufacturing, dimensional inspection, validation, and other purposes.

Unlike other GD&T tools that only present GD&T in human-readable form, the GD&T Editor fully-encodes the semantic meaning of the GD&T for use by automated downstream processes. Having fully-semantic GD&T data allows the information to be directly imported into another system without additional programming or manual intervention.

Apply and edit GD&T directly on the STEP model without the need for expensive and difficult to learn CAD software.  LKSoft’s free STEP Viewer allows others to view all kinds of STEP files, including the annotated models created with GD&T Editor.

Visit us at the Control fair 2011-05-03/06 in Stuttgart at booth 5012 and see the IDA-STEP™ GD&T Editor in action and learn how it can be used for dimensional inspection.  Our partner, Advanced Dimensional Management LLC, is also on hand with their GD&T and Tolerance Analysis training materials.