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IDA-STEP v4.4.x

Main enhancements:

  • New component GD&T Editor (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) with basic support of ISO 1101, ISO 16792, ASME Y14.5 and ASME Y14.41
  • Allows adding and editing GD&T and other PMI to a 3D STEP model
  • Support for Mac OS X version 10.5 and higher

IDA-STEP v4.4.0 (2011-01-25)

Besides many minor fixes the following enhancements are implemented.

New GD&T view:

  • presentation (annotations, callouts) in 3D for human interpretation
  • semantic representation suitable for computer interpretation
  • creation, modification and deletion of dimensions, geometric tolerances, datum features and datum targets
  • selection of ISO or ASME format mode
  • selection of Units (metric or inches)
  • creation and management of annotation planes
  • creation of construction and derived geometry (planes, lines, centre axis, intersection, etc.)
  • GD&T data exchange via AP203 (edition 2) or AP214 (edition 3) files
  • merging of features (advanced_faces) with the same underlying surface; e.g. two half cylinders into one)
  • enhanced measurement capabilities beyond what is available in Viewer pro 3D

Viewer Pro 3D:

  • multiple selection
  • function "bring to front"

IDA-STEP v4.4.1 (2011-04-23)

Significant enhancements for GD&T Editing:

  • datum feature on dimensions (median geometry)
  • geometric tolerances on dimensions (controlling median geometry)
  • added scaling factor to control size of annotations relative to 3D model
  • ensure that a projected tolerance can only be applied to one end of a hole
  • selecting bigger or smaller angle dimension
  • diameter annotations on annotation planes that are in line to the cylinder/circle axis
  • dimensions to derived geometry and datum targets
  • changed default colour schema, optimised for annotated 3D model
  • geometric tolerances and dimensions for a group of objects
  • creating derived geometry
  • rotating of annotation planes and updating its callouts

IDA-STEP Viewer Pro 3D:

  • add export to VRML
  • add export to STL

IDA-STEP Viewer Basic:

  • improved cross highlighting
  • improved default colour scheme for annotated 3D models

IDA-STEP v4.4.2 (2011-08-29)

  • many detailed improvements
  • correcting issues for generated STEP files
  • create new assembly parts from many given component parts (e.g. for STEP models coming from
3D View:
  • new selection button for annotations
  • different selection modes can now be enabled simultaneously e.g. edge/cruve with face/surface
  • exact 90 degree rotation around axis
  • "Bring to front" for annotation planes
  • displaying of the annotation planes under the "Annotation Model" combo box. Selecting an annotation model rotates the 3D model so that normal text on the annotation model can be read.
Improvements for GD&T Editing
  • many small improvements for editing GD&T in general
  • healing of non-optimal geometry data to enable GD&T editing:
    • merging of neighbouring surfaces of the same elementary type (plane, cylinder, sphere) and the same characterisitcs
    • converting B-spline surfaces and curves into circular arcs and cylinders if possible
  • support of tolerances classes for dimensions according to ISO 286
  • adding of affected plane parameter when creating geometric tolerances of type profile of a line, parallelism, perpendicularity, position, symmetry, straightness
  • support of dimensions along a curve
  • updating of already existing GD&T annotations; e.g. to move them on another active annotation plane
  • GD&T for assembly parts, when all the components are treated as one single piece part.
  • automatic activation of GD&T perspective when creating GD&T elements
  • automatic pre-setting the "individual median feature" flag when creating geometric tolerances for
  • automatic setting the  "individual median feature" flag and creation of the median geometry then creating geometric tolerances for feature of size
  • red-marking duplicated geometric tolerances in the GD&T element table

IDA-STEP v4.4.3 (2011-09-05, actual)

  • fixing a severe issue of the v4.4.2 release
  • print preview under Linux