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Viewer Basic

Viewer: Basic is a free component of IDA-STEP v4 providing core viewing functionality for all kinds of STEP files (*.stp). This component alone makes IDA-STEP v4 a fully usable tool for viewing PDM, CAD and other data, available as STEP (internation standard ISO 10303) files. STEP file format is supported by the major PDM, mechanical CAD and other systems.

IDA-STEP Viewer Basic provides predefined perspectives for viewing data. Convenient user interface is available for various uses:

  • viewing 3D model, parts and shapes data from mechanical CAD systems;
  • viewing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) data with 2D model;
  • and more...

IDA-STEP v4 is fully customizable, therefore custom perspectives can be created using the available views to achieve the most suitable way of viewing your data.

Open and view STEP data

IDA-STEP Viewer Basic supports viewing STEP data. STEP file (*.stp, *.step, *.p21) is an ASCII file, which structure is defined by an international standard ISO-10303-21. Since it is an international standard, this format is supported by the major PDM, CAD and other systems, making IDA-STEP Viewer Basic an universal viewer for different data.

Moreover, IDA-STEP Viewer Basic supports the import of XIM (*.xim) files, which are used by IDA-STEP v4 for storing data.

View more information about STEP here.

View 3D model, parts and shapes data

One of the most common uses of IDA-STEP Viewer Basic is to view 3D model, created by a mechanical CAD system. This model contains the 3D image of the created object as well as the classification of constituting parts and the hierarchical structure of object shapes.

IDA-STEP Viewer Basic provides a 3D View perspective, which is optimized for viewing such data. The 3D view and shapes structure are linked - selection in one view highlights the same shape in the other one. This and more features make IDA-STEP Viewer Basic an excellent tool for viewing such data.

View PCB/PCA data and 2D model

IDA-STEP Viewer Basic has all capabilities for viewing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) data, created by various E-CAD/PCB-CAD systems.

PCB/PCA perspective is optimized for viewing PCB/PCA data - it contains a 2D view to display graphical information of PCB layout. Moreover, Assembly view displays the assembly structure of PCA and its information.

The 2D view provides convenient tools to examine the PCB layout and retrieve information on selected parts. Also, this view is linked with the assembly view - selection in one view highlights the same object in the other one.

View PDM data

Product Data Management (PDM) data is very common in various CAD systems - each model or design is usually accompanied by various PDM data - creator organization, approving persons, etc.

IDA-STEP Viewer Basic provides views for displaying such data:

  • Persons and Organizations - to display all information about persons, organizations and positions, their relationships between one another;
  • Part Classification - to display hierarchical part classification with parts linked to their classes. Moreover, links to organizations, persons and more can be displayed;
  • Documents - to display documents and their version structure. Document versions can have linked files, which can be viewed using IDA-STEP Viewer Basic;
  • Tasks, Zonal Breakdowns and more...


Download IDA-STEP Viewer Basic for free by downloading IDA-STEP v4 and updating from inside the application.

Download IDA-STEP v4 here.