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IDA-STEP v4.6.x

Main enhancements:

Main focus for this release was the completion of the GD&T editing capabilities including updates for  new features in new editions of ISO and ASME standards.

3D View - Viewer Basic:

  • re-triangulation to imporve quality after zoom in
  • use of mouse wheel for zooming and panning
  • antialising for curves and surface, configurable for available graphics hardware capabilities
  • speed optimization by extensive use of OpenGL buffers
  • extending surface_of_linear_extrusion and surface_of_revolution for trimmed_curves as basis
  • display of unbounded surfaces and curves for construction geometry
  • adaptive spline curve interpolation
  • adding model coordinate systems (local) in addition to the default (global) coordinate systems
  • full support of the so called "polyline approach" for annotation with filled-areas

Viewer Pro 3D:

  • defining sections along annotation planes and store them in saved views
  • distinguishing primary and secondary selected objects
  • improved dynamic selection mode
  • new "View Normal" function on selected surface

GD&T Viewing & Editing:

  • enhanced usage of new AP242 capabilities
  • GD&T for assemblies
  • geometric tolerances with unequally-disposed modifier
  • integrating all kinds of dimensions into a single dialog
  • radius and diameter dimensions on torroidal surfaces
  • free and controlled radius tolerances for all surfaces, including b-splines
  • introduction of datum system as independent GD&T item
  • basis GD&T validation
  • free text annotations
  • group of datum features with same identifier (common datum)
  • update for all modifiers in most rectend GPS (Geometric Product Specification) standards:
    • ISO 1101:2012 GPS - Geometrical tolerancing — Tolerances of form, orientation, location and run-out
    • ISO 5459:2011 GPS - Geometrical tolerancing — Datums and datum systems
    • ISO 14405:2010/2011 GPS - Dimensional tolerancing
    • ASME Y14.5-2009 Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • optimised arrangements of dimensions with other stacked annotations
  • enhanced derived geometry capabilities with new "Construction geometry" toolbar
  • imporved "optimize geometry" function


  • update for Eagle 6.0 
  • updated converter configuration capabilities
  • improved viewing of package library files

IDA-STEP v4.6.0 (2012-08-05)

Addressing more than 200 issues since v4.5.1

IDA-STEP v4.6.1 (2012-09-26)

Addressing some 70 issues, including improvements / enhancements for:

  • GD&T editing, especially for stacked annotations
  • GD&T validation
  • New preference entries for Person, organization and Address that is used when exporting to STEP and creating new parts

IDA-STEP v4.6.2 (2012-12-05)

Addressing some 40 issues, including improvements / enhancements for:

  • GD&T editing, further improvements especially for stacked annotations
  • GD&T validation
  • Improved handling of section planes and saved views
  • creation and update of annotations for semantic GD&T elements that may have been generated by other systems
  • "Optimize Geometry" and display of full spheres as a single object, using "vertex_loop"

In addition the GD&T Editor is enhanced by a new EXPRESS instance viewer and editor view for the internal STEP data used by IDA-STEP.