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IDA-STEP v4.3.x

 IDA-STEP v4.3.0 (2009-06-18)

Main enhancements

  • display of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing data (GD&T)
  • new geometric inspection capabilities for Viewer Pro 3D
  • creation of styling models with Product Structure Editor
  • enhanced 3D triangulation performance


Besides many minor fixes the following enhancements are implemented.

Viewer Basic:

  • new faster triangulation algorithm for spline surfaces
  • selection of styling model to be displayed (colours, visibility, transparency)
  • display of available draughting callouts and annotations
  • display of computer sensitive dimension and tolerance information (draft)
  • pre-defined 3D orientations
  • custom background color for 3D View
  • new rendering modes in 3D View: "Wireframe with Hidden Line Removal Style"  and "Triangle Style"
  • healing algorithms to fix incomplete or wrong STEP data

Viewer Pro 3D:

  • new Geometric Details view, replacing older Shapes view 
  • enhanced 3D measurement
  • inspection and changing of styling information for components, faces, edges and points, annotations and callouts
  • dynamic selection (without mouse click) allows to see details of current geometric (point, edge, curve or surface) or assembly component

Product Structure Editor:

  • creating and modifying styled models (colours, visibility, transparency)
  • editing of fields in Header view


  • enhance PCA/PCB 2D extrusion to 3D for AP214 output

IDA-STEP v4.3.1 (2009-07-22)

A maintenance release with these fixes:

  • printing of 3D view (Viewer Pro 3D only)
  • issues on displaying spline curves and surfaces
  • tooltips on column header
  • selection of geometric objects that lie behind geometric objects that are made invisible

Note: IDA-STEP v.4.3.1 is based on XIM library version 1.128.100.

IDA-STEP v4.3.2 (2009-10-28)

A major maintenance release with these fixes & enhancements:

General, Viewer Basic:
  • Windows 64 bit installation
  • new styling preference scheme for colours, transparency that can be applied independently from the styling information in a Styled model. User can have different schemes and switch between them.
  • enhanced 3D triangulation quality and speed
  • sorting and find functionality in most views with tabular information
Viewer Pro 3D:
  • cross highlighting of GD&T features, annotations and related geometry elements
  • hiding and transparency control in Part Details view for assembly components
  • selecting of individual points, edges and point on surfaces (in addition to surfaces)
  • enhanced measurement capabilities between edge-point, any point on surface, surface, edge/curve
  • selection and styling of construction geometry elements
  • "bring to front" functionality when selecting a point on surface
Product structure editor:
  • creating of styling models
  • copying of styling information between different files
  • display text components in AP210 2D view for Printed Circuit Boards
Note: IDA-STEP v.4.3.2 is based on XIM library version 1.128.102.

    IDA-STEP v4.3.3 (2010-01-06)

    A minor maintenance release with these fixes & enhancements:
    • Further improvements in View 3D b-spline surfaces
    • Support for shell_based_wireframe model and geometric_set in 3D and Geometric Details view
    • custom layers in Eagle converter

    IDA-STEP v4.3.4 (2010-03-29)

    A major maintenance release with significant improvements in speed and memory consumption for 3D viewing. This has been possible by replacing the traditional Java 3D API by the low level OpenGL interface LWJGL and using the STEP structure directly as scene graph instead of using the scene graph capabilities of Java 3D.

    Other improvements are:
    • support of saved views, realised by STEP camera_model
    • support of orthogonal and perspective views
    • support of Shell based wireframe model
    • support of AP210 packages (electronics) with associated 3D models