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How to report problems with IDA-STEP

For analysing possible problems with IDA-STEP, we have to know the particular configuration of your PC. For this please send the following information to

  • A detailed description of the problem in English language
  • As needed test data to re-produce the problem
  • Your licence id
  • Configuration details reported by IDA-STEP
  • Error log of IDA-STEP
  • Your e-mail address

For the configuration details open Help / About IDA-STEP from main menu and press "Configuration Details". Then press "Copy to Clipboard" and paste this information into the e-mail to us. Then press "View Error Log", choose some text editor, and copy the last few hundred of lines into the e-mail.

In a few very specific cases the reason of a problem might be related with a crash of the underlying used Java Virtual Machine (VM). In these cases we need in addition the Java error log:

  • Start IDA-STEP
  • Go to Configuration Details (see description above on how to do this)
  • Find line which starts with user.dir= and notice the directory specified on this line
  • Open this direcotry with file explorer
  • Locate file(s) named hs_err_pid*.log
  • Attach those files to you problem report e-mail