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PDM editing

With the GD&T editor allows also to edit many of the PDM aspects (Product Data managing) of a STEP file. So it is possible to update / correct all the non-geometrical aspects of a STEP file generated by typical mechanical CAD systems, including all the "meta data" information.

Data editing capabilities for the header of the STEP file:

  • general description of the content
  • specify one or several authors and responsible organization
  • specifiy authorization

Data editing capabilities for parts:

  • copy, create and delete
  • main and version identification with id-owner
  • alias identification with optional organizational scope
  • name and description in default and alternative languages
  • author and creator
  • approval, certification, security classification
  • general classification together with creating and maintaining a hierarchical classification system
  • user defined properties and values with units 

Data editing of assemblies and their components:

  • copy, create, and delete
  • reference designator
  • defining part of the component
  • 3D transformation
  • user defined properties and values with units 


  • full editing of organizations, persons, and addresses
  • export to STEP AP203ed2 and AP214 file