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IDA-STEP v4.2.x

 IDA-STEP v4.2.0 (2009-03-06)

Main enhancements since version 4.1.1

  • New software component: Product Structure Editor, based on ViewerPro 3D.
  • Offline registration, installation and update (except free Viewer Basic)


Changes to Viewer Basic:

  • deselect with ESC in 3D view
  • make Part classification view a master for other relevant views
  • display of geoemtric validation properties
  • fixed problem on triangulation for surface_of_revolution
  • rename Assembly view into Part details view
  • add "Link with Other Views" button to Parts view
  • add more filters to Part classification view
  • add button to hide classification info in Part classification view
  • enabled ternary select and highlight system between 3D, Shape and Part Details (Assembly) View
  • Editors start with an initial empty XIM document

Changes to Viewer Pro 3D:

  • enabled measuring for geometrically_bounded_wireframe_shape_representation

General Editing:

  • copy/paste of selected instances from one XIM file into another
  • improved undo/redo
  • improved editing of Approval, Certification and Security Classification (template)
  • improved editing of Certification (template)
  • improved editing of Certification (template)
  • update element name/id during paste to keep it unique
  • add transformation editing of components in Part Details view (assembly)


  • export to AP203 edition 2
  • import CircuitCAM: aux files for layer assignments
  • modified Export/Import wizards categories
  • multiple pages in Print preview

IDA-STEP v4.2.1 (2009-04-01)

Minor bug fixes and enhancements of the Help system.